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About us

Our family business in tourism and catering was founded in 1992. The business is run by persons who have got more than 40 years of experience in catering and tourism, which can be reflected in the total quality of the service that we offer in various activities. Our hotel is about a hundred meters away from the sea (Mala Plazha) in Ulcinj and it offers a beautiful view to both the sea and the Ulcinj Old Town. If you are yearning to spend your vacation in the realm of beauty and of the fantastic sea along the Ulcinj Riviera, but still close to all the significant happenings, and if you want to enjoy the view to the bay of Mala Plazha, the peninsula Suka and the two-thousand-year old castle of Ulcinj, really breathtaking views, then certainly Bella Vista can offer you its ideal possibilities. Our company has got a reputation which reflects itself in satisfactory guests, who are coming back every year and spending their summer holidays here thanks to our service. We are always ready to widely provide you with the best refinement, an extraordinary atmosphere and also a great comfort, which cannot be seen so often here.